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Our Story

Hi there!

My name is Tillie and I am the founder of Frome Eco Party Kits, mum of two, pina colada and fact lover.  I set up this small business in 2019 after I got pretty fed up with seeing how much waste there was at parties, particularly children's parties.  My son was going to at least 2 parties a month, with up to 30 children at each one, that's 120 plates and cups thrown in a bin liner and sent to landfill.   That's crazy!

So, I decided to set up a tableware hire business so that bin bags were no longer needed, whilst also keeping it simple for parents.


You can hire kits to accommodate 20+ people with everything you need from the plates and cups to bunting and platters.  Themed decoration kits, catering items, party games are also available for hire.

I now, also offer pre-filled plastic free party bags or party favours to add to your own bags.


And it's not just for kids, we've had hires for baby showers, hen do's, weddings, and had many other adult parties hire our kits as it saves them getting out their best crockery. 

So if you're planning your next get together and you want to reduce your waste, have a pop of colour and generally feel smug for helping the planet, charity and a family business, then have a look at our collection and contact us today for availability, information or to book in.



"I used a Frome eco party kit for my daughter's birthday which was also a party for 2 other children. It ended up being a huge amount of children and thanks to the well thought out box, nobody went without. The decorations were also super helpful/we'll thought out and included things I hadn't thought of. Highly recommended"


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