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Why can't I buy disposables?

Our planet is crying out for some help, and quickly. 

Our sea, countryside, towns and cities are full of plastic pollution. 

Our planet is getting hotter year on year because of our industrial and lifestyle choices.  This contributes to extreme weather conditions are destroying both animal and human lives.

We cannot simply let it happen if there are things we can do to help.  It's now common practice for us to use reusable coffee cups and shopping bags, so why not consumables for parties too?

Party plates, even paper ones, can’t be easily recycled due to mixed materials and contamination from food waste. This means they end up in general waste - either going to landfill or for incineration. In landfill it can take 5 - 20 years for a paper plate to break down; that's a long time after a short use at a single party. 


Even plastic-free compostable plates will only break down in industrial composters (so not in your compost at home or in landfill) and compostable plates still require resources and transportation for a single-use.​

And if that's not enough to convince you, here's 5 more reasons why it's a no-brainer...



Everything is ready to go

in one box.

Easy & convenient!

Reduces waste

Each box saves at least 

57 single-use versions going to landfill

Adds Colour

Our reusable plates and cups give a pop of colour to any party


Save Money

The equivalent kit in single-use items costs £5 more which in the bin when your guests leave.



For every kit hired we donate £1 from every kit to a local school PTA or charity.

"We found this service simple, flexible, reliable & convenient for our daughters birthday party. We enjoyed the bright colours. It's an excellent idea to be able to reuse. Also, the food waste bags were a great handy extra. Thank you."                                                   Lucy

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