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Child-led activities are a really good resource to have at parties, especially for toddlers.  Parties can be overwhelming so allowing them to have some calmer time to play individually or with friends is a great way to cater for all children.


In this brilliant Duplo kit you will get:

9 x Soft jigsaw floor mats to help protect little knees

3 x Duplo boxes filled with bricks and characters of all shapes and sizes

3 x Duplo base plate boards


When these kits are hired 15% of the hire cost will be donate to the Frome National Childcare Trust (NCT) branch.

Toddler Duplo Kit

  • £5 deposit required which is return when this kit is bought back complete.

    Designed for children from 1+1⁄2 to 5 years old.

    Please ensure supervision is maintained throughout and children are welcome to create anything their imaginations think up, but they should be returned into the boxes rather than be taken to guests homes.

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